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Eastern Ratepayers (ER) (incorporated A0093684E) is a regional network of ratepayers in the eastern region of Melbourne. Until 9 Sept 2017, it had two chapters:

  1. Knox Ratepayers Association (KRA) – http://www.knoxratepayers.com
  2. Monash Ratepayers (MRI) – https://monashratepayers.wordpress.com/

The MRI chapter was dissolved on 9 Sept 2017, to operate as a seperate entity. However, it continues to associate with ER as an affiliate.

It is also affiliated with Ratepayers VictoriaCasey Residents & Ratepayers Association and Cardinia Ratepayers & Residents Association in strategic and community development capacity activities that foster regional collaboration and community governance oversight of councils in eastern Melbourne.

Constitutional Purpose:

The objectives defining the purpose of Eastern Ratepayers are to:

  1. Be the advocacy voice of ratepayers who are people living and working in eastern Melbourne in matters relating to municipal local government;
  1. Enable local forums through a shared regional platform that enables:
    • News communications, strategic network and partnership development, knowledge exchange and sharing concerning matters of municipal councils
    • Discussions and action taking of matters concerning budgets and rates; municipal service appropriateness and best value; council decision making transparency and accountability, council performance management, council behavioural conduct, local city issues and any other areas of interest
    • Enabling community education, leadership and skills development in ratepayer advocacy activities and community oversee of municipal councils
  1. Be a high impact regional ratepayer peak body contributing to
    • Developing ratepayers centred local government reforms
    • Overseeing and reporting local council governance and compliance performance, including checking local council transparency and accountability
    • Escalating common and regional issues to higher authorities for aiding systematic continuous improvement and integrity assurance.
    • Leading and participating in local community development and advocacy projects.
  2. Assure good governance in councils in eastern Melbourne
  1. Advocate for affordable rates and best value municipal services
  2. Build regional and local capacity for the community groups in eastern Melbourne to achieve the above.

Organisation Structure

under restructure

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